Our Approach

Our mission is to eliminate eating disorders through research.

GFED has been carefully designed to fill a gap in the eating disorders field. GFED focuses on providing funds for scientists to improve current treatments and disseminate best treatments to the millions of patients with these illnesses. We are especially interested in the application of recent advances in genetics, neuroscience and technology to cure eating disorders.


We Fund Grants Focused in Three Areas 

  1. Young investigator grants to increase clinical research and train researchers.
  2. Grants to develop rapid dissemination of best treatments through state-of-the-art training of healthcare providers.
  3. Grants to apply new technologies to advance and disseminate treatment, including multicenter data pooling and web-based global training.


GFED Scholars

In 2012, GFED created the “GFED Scholars” Program.   GFED Scholars are young scientists of exceptional promise who are provided funding to pursue eating disorders research.  Collaborating with world-renowned mentors, they complete projects applying the latest advances in science to improve treatments for eating disorders.  GFED Scholars are selected at prestigious universities around the country and are focused on treatment for different groups with eating disorders: college students, adolescents and their families, adult women and their partners, sufferers with complicating difficulties, and under-served populations.