Help us Break the Silence and #breaktheplate.

We are committed to using our voice and our grants to take action against eating disorders.  Action may mean telling your story, breaking a plate to break the silence and stigma around eating disorders or simply “liking” or “following” us to grow our community of support.  Our thanks to NBC, FOX and the other networks who have donated air time for the #breaktheplate PSA . We look forward to raising our voices – and breaking our plates – to bring this important issue to the forefront. Every dollar counts.
Raise Your Voice, Share Your Story, Break Your Plate 

Music © Heather Powers

Join the movement. Here is how:

  1. Create a video of yourself simply breaking a plate. You can drop it.  You can smash it.  You can be creative.  You can be straightforward.  You can say something.  You can be silent.  We have examples for you posted here http://www.youtube.com/user/BreakThePlate/videos
  2. Upload the video to any of your social media channels (Vine,Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook)
  3. Be sure to TITLE the video with the hashtag “break the plate” (#breaktheplate)
  4. Feel free to share your own thoughts on breaking the silence on eating disorders!