Our Mission

GFED’s mission is to eliminate eating disorders.

The Global Foundation for Eating Disorders (GFED) is a consortium of doctors, business leaders, scientists and clinicians who consistently stay on the cutting edge of current and emerging scientific research being conducted in the field, around the world.  GFED steps in where the federal government falls short to identify, fund and realize actionable, accountable results from the most promising scientists applying the most innovative advances in neuroscience, genetics and technology for results.

By partnering with GFED as a donor, you will be taking steps to help us uncover and disseminate much needed treatments to the millions afflicted by eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder.


“Using brain imaging tools and other methods to explore what’s going on in patients’ minds, researchers have scraped together clues that suggest anorexics are wired differently than healthy people. The mental brakes people use to curb impulsive instincts, for example, might get jammed in people with anorexia. Some studies suggest that just a taste of sugar can send parts of the brain barreling into overdrive. Other brain areas appear numb to tastes — and even sensations such as pain. For people with anorexia, a sharp pang of hunger might register instead as a dull thud. ..  “

  • “The Anorexic Brain” Science News, July 26, 2013